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Its finally here [Wed - 1:42pm (08/08/2007) ]
Welp guys summer if pretty much finally over and it saddends me greatly..I wont lie to you I kinda am excited to go back to school but I really dread to see Tyler leave..He leaves in 9 days and its gonna be one of the hardest things yett to come in my life but I know we will be fine..But on another note Ive droped ROTC which makes me extreamly happy..I kinda had to though I didnt really have room for it on my schedual but oh well..I'm gonna have a really hard year this year considering my classes are gonna be super hard and Im not gonna have Tyler here to back me up but hey I guess I have friends to lean on if they all havent desserted me and I really hope they havent..Overall I can say its been a great summer and I really hate to see it end but I dont guess we can stop time..
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Summer [Fri - 10:09am (07/27/2007) ]
[ mood | sad ]

To everyone who reads my livejournal and cares I shall tell you about my summer and what its done for me!!Welp guys Its been a great summer and I can auctally say I've done stuff this time but I really miss all my friends which Im pretty sure they have all done disowned me..Well me and Tyler went to pegion forge this summer and that made it great and then I bought a car which I love!!And Ive done a lot of shopping and small stuff like that but nothing major..Well Ive also made a lot of major descions this summer..I decited I want to go to college and that I want to go to concord..I decited what I want to do with the rest of my life down to even the smaller details..I've decited that I want to spend the rest of my life with Tyler cause he is absolutly perfect for me and I couldnt be this happy with anyone else..Now every one reading this is thinkin Im crazy for saying all of this and it could all change but hey this is something that I want more than anything!!Welp guys I gotta go now but I guess I will talk to u guys later..bye...comments are love

Whitney:I miss you call me

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